From a Comedian to the World Saku Yanagawa


Edited by  大阪大学広告研究会


――I see that you have really done a lot of activities.

I guess my base line is performing in America but as I mentioned earlier, I am also teaching drama to high school students in workshops, and I am also a playwright, a composer of drama music, and a radio host. All these opportunities give me chances to learn something new.

Some people tell me that I can do anything, but that’s not true. I have failed many times. It’s just that even when I did fail to do something, I never gave up. I faced my faults, considered what I should do, and kept on trying until I achieved something.

――Thank you. Now will you please leave a message for Osaka University students reading this interview?

Try anything that touches you. I think everyone in this university has good grades and was told they were clever in high school. But doing well in high school just means you successfully remembered and did everything your school or cram school told you to do. That is, in the end, what you have to do to get into this university. I myself needed to study an extra year after graduating high school in order to get into this University.

I think university is a place where you look for something you really love and want to do, and do that in depth. For me, that is drama. Devoting yourself to something that you love is wonderful, and people notice when you are seriously into something.

There is always someone that will support you – sincerity can touch people’s hearts. It’s really simple – find something you love, and devote yourself to it. Just taking classes, job hunting, and then graduating can be a wonderful choice for your future. It may even be the best choice. But you never know until you try. So try anything you’re interested in. You shouldn’t ignore the desires inside your heart. Be confident, and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

I don’t always have confidence in myself. It’s just that you can’t accomplish anything without trying. You can’t hit a ball without swinging the bat. If you miss, it just means you need more practice.


(Translation by Minami Kobayashi / Kari Rush)


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